Our January Grant Reciepant – Koby

Congratulations to our January Grant Recipient Koby!

Koby’s mum Kylie reached out to The Frankie Foundation to ask for funding assistance to support Koby’s Social Skills program that is not currently covered by his NDIS funding.

Kylie, being a single mother of three children, all of whom are all Autistic, among them her 12 year old son, Koby. 

Koby has been diagnosed with Autism level 2, ADHD, major depression, anxiety, and struggles with limited social skills. His passions lie in technology and gaming, which have always been his special interests.

Transitioning to high school this year has proven to be a significant challenge for Koby. He faces immense difficulties, often resulting in his reluctance to attend classes.  Additionally, his tendencies towards self-harm deeply concern Kylie.

Despite Koby’s increasing needs, his recent NDIS plan was significantly reduced compared to previous years. Despite Kylie’s continuous efforts to advocate for additional funding, accompanied by multiple reports from his service providers, her requests have been repeatedly denied.

Currently, they await a NDIS planning meeting for an early review, which has been significantly delayed due to a backlog in the system. With Koby’s NDIS funding now depleted, this family is under considerable financial strain and stress.

Among the various support services Koby receives, his participation in the after-school program “Brightlives Social Group” centered around Minecraft holds immense importance to Koby and brings him great joy.

The program not only provides Koby with enjoyment but it also offers much needed development of crucial social skills. However, funding the program without NDIS assistance has become impossible for Kylie without financial support, particularly with the rising cost of living expenses.

Kylie is hesitant to deprive Koby of one of the few sources of joy and optimism in his life, and the financial struggle to support 3 neurodiverse children on a single wage has become such that she will have no other option then to heavily reduce or cancel Koby’s Brightlives sessions.

The Frankie Foundation is delighted to be in the position to help Koby continue his Social Skills Program with Brightlives and to give his mum Kylie a small reprieve in the financial stress of self funding his enrolment in this program.

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