Our December Grant Reciepant – Lydia

So please to award our December grant to Lydia!

Lydia is 14 years old, has Pervasive Dyspraxia (or DCD, Developmental Coordination Disorder) combined other neurodivergent quirks, plus a recent confirmed diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder.

Up until now, Lydia’s family have funded her therapies themselves and have only recently applied for NDIS support. Lydia’s mum Catherine reached out to The Frankie Foundation for a grant to help support OT therapy sessions and for Lydia to develop self care skills and to attend an intensive sports program with her Physiotherapist.

Catherine manages full time work and Lydia’s two neurotypical siblings, and has always supported Lydia’s additional needs herself, but now is feeling completely overwhelmed with supporting her beautiful unique daughter financially, physically and emotionally.

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