Our Cricket R82 Stroller Give Away Reciepant – Alia

Congratulations to our gorgeous little friend Alia who is our very worthy recipient of the Cricket R82 Stroller. Alia has complex and multiple diagnosis which includes, Lissencephaly, Subcortical Band Heterotopia, Pachygyria, PCH, Microcephaly, moderate Intellectual disability and Epilepsy.

Alia’s mum Kaili applied for the grant to receive the Cricket R82 disability stroller due to Alia having to use a walking frame to mobilise. Alia tires quickly, but isn’t quite ready for a wheelchair. It has been difficult for Kaili to find something suitable for Alia as she is 9 years old. Alia’s NDIS has not funded a new walking frame and have seriously underfunded all her therapy supports.

Kaili is a single mother with two beautiful children both with disabilities. The Frankie Foundation was so pleased to gift Alia her new light weight & portable wheels.

That face says it all…..pure joy!

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