Meet Frankie.

The Frankie Foundation has been born out of the need for bridging the gap in the NDIS for many families.

The Frankie Foundation
The Frankie Foundation is named after our founder’s daughter, Frankie, who lives with a rare genetic condition, special needs, global developmental delay and medical complications.

Frankie is 8, and lives with a very rare genetic condition called Acrodysostosis, she is only 1 in approx. 137 people in the world with it. She also has Global Developmental Delay, Autism, OCD, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Skeletal Dysplasia, Speech Delay, Physical Disabilities due to the size and shape of her hands and feet and has Hydrocephalus and will likely live with a brain shunt for the rest of her life. 

She is on the NDIS, and each year her support budget doesn’t cover her developmental needs just like 1000s of children with special needs, disabilities, medical and neurogdergent challenges.

Frankie’s mother Kym decided she can help these children and their families, so she started The Frankie Foundation. TFF was built help families bridge the gap between the funding budget and the reality of the support need to provide Therapy, Services and Equipment to ensure these children get the best possible start in life. Early intervention is key to the continued development of these children.

Our goal is to offer families some support by awarding grants from $200-$1000 to pay for their child’s therapy. This may be 1 session or 10, depending on how much gap they have and what we can provide.

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