The Frankie Foundation is devoted to funding groundbreaking research that involves using dogs in the detection of human cancers.

Our Mission

    Our mission is to raise funds for research devoted to the use of scent-trained dogs in the detection of human cancers. We hope these efforts will result in the doctors' routine use of dogs in cancer diagnosis. Our ultimate goal is to provide a dog-based cancer diagnostic service.

“Our goal is to develop technology so that the dogs’ highly sensitive olfactory system may one day be routinely used to help doctors diagnose difficult cancers such as thyroid, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, prostate, breast, etc..”
— Don Bodenner, MD, PhD, Chief of Endocrine Oncology
“It is important to understand that our early results were achieved with dogs who were rescued by various means. We see this project as a win-win for mankind- we can save dogs and in turn, they can save us.
— Arny Ferrando, PhD, Primary Investigator