Remembering how it all began...

Who is Frankie and how did he become the name of The Frankie Foundation?

Our Principle Investigator and Frankie's human, Arny Ferrando, recalls the day he met Frankie. 
"Frankie was found in a shopping center parking lot. It was obvious that he had been homeless for some time, and was subsisting on the kindness of handouts from store workers. We coaxed him into the car with treats, which did not take much as he was starving. He was malnourished, heart-worm positive, and had serious gum disease. He was also not habituated to other dogs. We already had 4 dogs in the house, so my original thought was to bring him to the shelter. My wife quickly intervened, saying correctly that as an unremarkable dog, he would never make it out of the shelter. We made the decision to keep him, and have not regretted a moment, as he has taught me so much. I may have rescued him, but in many ways he ended up saving me. Just as importantly, he gave me a tremendous education on dogs and scent detection."

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