Remembering how it all began...

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Who is Frankie and how did he become the name of The Frankie Foundation?

Our Principle Investigator and Frankie's human, Arny Ferrando, recalls the day he met Frankie. 
"Frankie was found in a shopping center parking lot. It was obvious that he had been homeless for some time, and was subsisting on the kindness of handouts from store workers. We coaxed him into the car with treats, which did not take much as he was starving. He was malnourished, heart-worm positive, and had serious gum disease. He was also not habituated to other dogs. We already had 4 dogs in the house, so my original thought was to bring him to the shelter. My wife quickly intervened, saying correctly that as an unremarkable dog, he would never make it out of the shelter. We made the decision to keep him, and have not regretted a moment, as he has taught me so much. I may have rescued him, but in many ways he ended up saving me. Just as importantly, he gave me a tremendous education on dogs and scent detection."

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With your help, we can continue in making strides toward conquering cancer with the help from man’s best friend.

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Happy 4th!

It's time to celebrate another year of our country's freedom. While everyone gets hyped up and excited for the summer holiday, we want to keep our furry friends in mind as our family and friends gather and the parties commence. The crowds gathering and sounds of fireworks blasting in the night sky is known to cause a K9 much anxiety. Follow this link for helpful tips to help your pup prepare for the celebrations:

As always, stay safe. Have fun! Happy 4th. 

We're Back Online!

Ladies and gents! We've missed you!

What a wild ride it has been for us over the past year. A lot has happened and we are excited to get plugged back in with you! We will be posting news and updates RIGHT HERE each week to help keep you in the know about all of the amazing things happening in our research study.

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Thank you!

We want to extend our appreciation to ALL of you who have generously donated to help our program support! We have raised over $3000 in the past month in honor of Mike and Jamey Yeric's wedding and the Arkansas Gives donation day April 6th. We are so grateful to have friends and family to help us along in our endeavors to help cancer detection.. Research that will one day change our statistics on fighting cancer! 

We're Moving!

Hey everyone!

So, this week we have some exciting news...WE'RE MOVING!!! We have found a new training facility for our canine cancer detection program! We will be moving our dog training to the new facility soon. We are very excited about the move and cannot wait to begin training again . As you know, training dogs takes a lot of time, so we will be begin with getting the dogs acclimated to the new facility, then move forward from there. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made this move possible. Pictures to come soon!

Our first blog post!

Hey Frankie followers! OUR FIRST BLOG POST!! Last month we had the opportunity to travel and talk to two very different audiences about the work that we are doing.                                             

On May 12th our team traveled to Hot Springs Village, AR for the Ouachita Speaker Series. Canines, Bella and Tucker, represented the four legged team while sporting their new Human Cancers Service dog vests. Dr. Ferrando gave a presentation explaining the importance of canine detection of human cancers. After the presentation, the dogs gave a demonstration working around the scent wheel. Many of the audience members were interactive and asked great questions. Of course, the dogs were the stars of the show. Everyone was impressed by their abilities and enjoyed petting them. Thanks to everyone's support at Hot Springs Village for helping set up the presentation! 

Five days later we packed up again and headed to Benton, AR for a presentation at Angie Grant Elementary. Canines Bella and Tucker were out in full force, greeting the kids and teaching them how to properly approach a dog. We also taught the kids about the dogs amazing sniffing capabilities. The kids loved meeting and petting the dogs. After a couple of demonstrations, there was a short question and answer session. Thank you, Angie Grant, for having the team out there.

Stay tuned for future posts on the Canine Detection of Human Cancer program!